Code of Ethics



Any messages posted by readers of this website express the opinion of their authors and not that of the owners or providers of this website who shall, in no case, be held responsible for the content of these messages.

The moderators reserve the right not to post comments from any person who violates the current code of ethics, whether intentionally or not.

These decisions may not be contested. By posting your comment, you agree to respect the decision of the moderators, based on the codes of conduct outlined in this document.

If you wish to contest any decision or to obtain an explanation, you can contact the webmaster of the Banque des savoirs, who will contact you as quickly as possible.


The moderators of the Banque des Savoirs will delete:

  • Any unlawful comments: inciting racial or ethnical hatred, calling for violence, revisionist or negationist views, or slanderous messages;
  • Vulgar, obscene or pornographic messages;
  • Messages that insult other readers. It is possible to criticize other people’s comments but not the person directly;
  • Advertising or promotional material;
  • Posting information relating to trade union, political or religious organizations. Expressing arguments or opinions relating to these subjects is authorized but this should be done without proselytism and should be directly connected to subjects dealt with by the Banque des Savoirs;   
  • Messages in another language, other than French, and that are not accompanied by a French translation;
  • Messages which are not understandable;
  • Messages which are off topic;
  • Messages in several copies;
  • Speculations or revelations regarding the identity of different people. Attempting to violate a username already used is not permitted.


 Rules of good conduct: 

  • Reread your message and check that is clear to our readers;
  • Respect the subjects and the objectives of the Banque des Savoirs. All messages considered to be of useless or unrelated to discussions may be deleted;
  • Do not use the facilities on the Banque des Savoirs website for private exchanges with other users;
  • Respect the trail of discussions without interfering with ridiculous, mocking or off topic messages.


Reading/Posting a comment:


You may have access to comments posted by other readers directly on our website, without logging on.

If you would like to post a comment regarding an article, you can simply click on the “Post a Comment” icon, which is usually located just under the title of the article. To do so, you will be asked to provide your email address, which will be used by the webmaster to inform you that your comment has been posted, or to explain any modifications made to your message. Your message will be reread by the webmaster before being posted on the website.




By posting a message on the Banque des Savoir’s website, you grant the Essonne Department Council the right to post this message on the Banque des Savoir’s website. This right is not restricted in its duration. The message is the propriety property of the site user who grants the Essonne Department Council the right to post this message on the Banque des Savoir’s website. The user warrants that the content posted does not infringe on the rights of any third party. The Essonne Department Council may not be held responsible or liable for any user content being reproduced or broadcast by third parties.

© Essonne Department Council

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