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The ‘Banque des Savoirs’:  Connecting Science & Society


The ‘Banque des Savoirs’ - which can be translated as the ‘Bank of Knowledge’ - is a website managed by the "Conseil général de l'Essonne". This is the local governmental council of Essonne, one of the 99 French geographical and administrative subdivisions.

The ‘Banque des Savoirs’ was created in 2004 with the aim of giving scientists the opportunity to present their work, as well as keeping citizens up-to-date with what was being carried out in laboratories. On this website there is substantial information relating to science, patrimony and culture, as well as events and resources linked to these topics.

The overall objective of the ‘Banque des Savoirs’ is to build up links between science, technology and the general public. To reach that goal, the website:

  • provide citizens with assessed, understandable and easily accessible content
  • promote dialogue between citizens and scientists.

The website is aimed at

  • general public
  • teachers, parents, mediators and association coordinators
  • juniors (11 - 15 years old)

Essonne and Science


The Essonne is situated in the southern part of the “Ile-de-France" region, which is approximately 15 kilometers from Paris. It boasts several prestigious scientific institutions and approximately 12,000 researchers work in the scientific sector in this area (the Essonne has a total population of 1,200,000.).

In 2001, the department council embarked on an extensive policy to promote scientific activities. One aspect of this policy was to encourage public understanding of and accessibility to scientific fields. The ‘Banque des Savoirs’ came about due to this policy and has the additional task of providing support to associations and cities who intend to organize events relating to science and society.


A partnership project


The ‘Banque des savoirs’ would not exist without its partnerships with major players in the area of research and scientific knowledge in Essonne and elsewhere. Content for the website is provided, not only by institutions, companies and researchers who participate in the production of scientific, technical and cultural knowledge, but also by institutions, associations and individuals who, by organizing events and promoting cultural and technical science, help transfer this knowledge.


The ‘Banque des savoirs’ provides

  • Features for the general public, in which renowned researchers provide expert insights into laboratory activity and enable everyone to discover the passionate world of scientific research;
  • Portraits of experts talking about their passion for science and their background;
  • Articles written for young people, enabling them to discover scientific research in a simple and encouraging manner;
  • Reports about scientific and technical cultural activities carried out by teachers and association coordinators;
  • Slide shows, interactives and videos on the enigmas and beauty of science.


And now, enter the universe of science and research with the



‘Banque des Savoirs’ in English or in French!


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